BOGO Holiday Sale Announcement!

I hope you all are excited for the holiday seasons! Halloween is over and here comes Thanksgiving around the corner. Pumpkin pies, stuffed turkey, and sweet potato casserole. In-laws with back-handed compliments, your weird uncle getting way too drunk and FAR too loud, your cousins sneaking behind your grandparents to smoke w- WELL HOW ABOUT THIS. We're having a sale on board games the entire month of November!


Board games, this month, are ALL BOGO! Buy One Get One Free! Entirely free on the second board game! Now is the perfect time to stock up on games so you don't HAVE to have a miserable time with your family you'd rather ignore, or hang out with the family you love to have around! Multi-purpose here at MOW.


We are also bundling up certain board games! Buy the entire bundle on a HUGE discount and get the game and all of its expansions (which will be on the table with it with a price included). These bundles can ONLY be sold as the bundle, but the singular board game on the shelf will be a part of BOGO (i.e. our Skyrim bundle. You may buy it as a whole bundle or grab the single copy on the shelf and get a different game for BOGO)

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