Results of the Crypts & Salsa CEDH Regional

Crypts and Salsa had a fantastic turn out today. Thirty-nine players came together battle it out for top prize. 

The Top 16 battled it out in an untimed single elimination matche to find our top 4.
The Top 16 players are
Zachary Bordelon, Courtland Hull, Anthony Bui, Ehren Hopper, Carlos Colmenares Jr, Todd Jacobsen, AJ, Spencer Roques, Jacob Coyne, Justin M, Dawine Bennett, Jordan Whatley, Cully, Tristan McNaylor, Justin Smith, and Ryan Patrick 

After some great plays and close matches our Top 16 is now a Top 4! Congrats y'all on making it this far. 

The Top 4 are
Todd Jacobsen 
Ehren Hopper 
Spencer Roques 

Now the Top 4 fight it out for First Place!  

Congratulations to the First place Winner Todd Jacobsen!! 

AJ Batlle, the Host and Organizer of Crypts and Salsa had this to say about today's event, "I'm excited to share the success of the Crypts and Salsa 1k, an event that I had the pleasure of hosting and organizing. Bringing together 39 participants, the turnout exceeded my expectations, and it was heartwarming to witness the community coming together in such a positive way. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, and everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy the event.

Organizing this Crypts and Salsa was both a challenging and rewarding experience. Seeing people connect, share their passion, and leave the event with smiles on their faces made all the hard work worthwhile. I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to fostering a sense of community, and I look forward to hosting more events that bring people together in the future!"

- El Tac0 (AJ)
Tournament Organizer


A huge Thank You to each of the participants that came out to play! It was a pleasure working and playing with you all!

Photos from today's event can be found below.  

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